Palawan Immersion by: Exeqiel Jude M. Dumayas

  1. What types of Businesses support the economy of Palawan?

Mostly hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions

  • Site any Palaweños whose businesses have made them famous in the economic circles.

Kalui restaurant, this restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Puerto princessa, unfortunately I cannot find the name of the owner of kalui

  • Did you notice any differences in the way Palaweños behave as sales personnel or in business? Site differences or similarities.

I noticed no difference in their sales personnel compared to manila. They are very similar and have no difference whatsoever.

  • As you walked around the markets in the city of Puerto Princesa, how different or similar were their businesses to what you have been accustomed to in Manila or Mandaluyong.

Mostly their businesses served tourists and accustomed to serve tourists unlike Mandaluyong, the businesses in Mandaluyong mainly serves locals.

  • Describe the economic needs of the people in the Batak community?

They need more industrialized products like cement, sheet metal, and others. They also need other sources of food like canned goods, rice, and specially a clean source of water. They usually drink water from a well which is not usually clean.

  • How are those needs met and which needs if any did you observe that were not met? On what basis have you made your conclusion.

They sometimes go to the city and buy goods, and sometimes foreigners visit them and give them money to take them to pulang bato.

  • Are there specific roles that husbands and/or wives play in the family as far as the provision of food or basic needs of the family?

The husband builds the house for the family, and sometimes they climb the mountain to collect raw materials to sell to the city which weighs around 60 kg. The wives usually stay in the house and creates baskets and etc.

  • Enumerate things you learned about the people, the families and how they ‘relate’ to others.

The village is very nice and friendly to each other, in the night they gather in a house to watch news together.

  • How do they relate to you? Did they keep a daily schedule of activities from waking up to sleeping time?

I’m not sure if they have a daily schedule of the activities but from my observation, they have a daily routine that they follow

  1. If you were to establish a small business in the area, what nature of business would you establish?

I would setup a farm that mostly focuses on farm animals

  1. How do you project your business affecting the general way of life of the Bataks?

My business would not affect them that much because they already have mini farms ther and they take care of pigs

  1. How did this visit affect the way you think, feel and act? In what ways did you ‘help’ the community?

While teaching computer, it was very hard to believe that even the very basics of computer was very hard for them.

  1. Are there any learnings that have prepared you more for your future work?

Working in that school, I have learned that not everything can be easy, specially in that scenario. I had a hard time adjusting in the schedule, the work, and the people.

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